How To Prolong Your Poinsettias
These lovely Christmas flowers need special care to prolong their beauty within your home. Remember that these poinsettias were born and raised in our greenhouse in a controlled environment.
Tip #1: Place the plant where it will receive at least 6 hours of  indirect sunlight each day.
Tip #2: Keep the plant in a temperature between 60—70 degrees. Keep away from any cold drafts, fireplaces or hot air registers.  Excessive heat is a poinsettia’s worst enemy.
Tip #3: Water the plant when the soil surface is dry. Hold the plant under the sink until the water runs out of the bottom, leave in the sink until it has completely drained.  
Tip #4: Do not fertilize your poinsettia.
Tip #5: If moving or transporting your poinsettia, be very careful with the brittle branches.