Poinsettias are easy.  Request your free order forms anytime, take orders in October/November, place your order before Thanksgiving, and have beautiful plants delivered in December.  

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the poinsettia fundraising season for They provide color throughout the winter holidays. All of our plants are grown in the best conditions, producing the most spectacular and highest quality poinsettias!  We offer 4 colors (red, pink, marble, &white); each available in 6” pots and 8" pots.  6" pots cost $12 and 8" sell for $20.  Profit is $4.80 on the 6” (5 to 9 blooms) and $8 on the 8” (8 to 15 blooms).  This is a simple process.  Just let me know how many in your group and I will send the free fundraising materials.  Your group takes orders.  You keep your profit and send us the balance.  Delivery fees are determined by order size.  If your group invoice is $500.00 or more we will give you free delivery.  Less than $500.00 mandates a $90.00 delivery charge.

• Take orders in October-November.

• Deliveries begin in the last week of November and continue into December.

• Place order 10 days in advance of your delivery date.

Please keep in mind, with either program, I will work with you every step of the way to make sure your fundraiser is not only monetarily successful but easy for you and your supporters.

Poinsettias are the best selling potted plant in the United States.

We have extended our delivery area!

Our delivery zone for all Poinsettias is the Southeastern United States to include:

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia


Leaves are dark green in color with creamy white and dark pink bi-colored bracts, with slightly serrated foliage, it will surely catch many an eye looking for a unique presentation.


Leaves are medium green in color with electric pink-colored bracts, it will surely catch many an eye looking for a unique and stunning presentation.


Leaves are dark green in color with bold red colored bracts, it will surely catch many an eye looking for a bold presentation.

* Each available in either 6" pots or 8" pots.