Why Use Us?

34 years of Fundraising Excellence has helped groups raise over $6 million in profits and is committed to teaming with only the best growers to assure you meet your fundraising goals and your supporters always recveive the best quality live products available.

For 2019 we are offering 4 proven flower and vegetable fundraising programs.  From the same growers, who bring us the beautiful poinsettias each year, groups in the Southeast will be able to fundraise with Mums, Pansies, vegetables, & more.

 "This is the easiest fund raiser I have ever participated in.  I tell my people, it's easy, non-fattening and environmentally friendly."

Karen, Edon United Methodist Church, Edon, OH  


2019 features 4 beautiful, distinct, stand alone product lines guaranteed to leave your community prettier, healthier, with more profits.

"Thank you so much for partnering with us in our Poinsettia Sale. We plan already on this becoming an annual fundraiser for chorus students and families- they all were so very positive about the quality of the plants and felt a fair portion was profited from the sale."

Madeline, Dorman High School, Roebuck, SC


  1. Feel good about what your volunteers are selling!
  2. When your money is in the bank, your community will be more beautiful and healthy!
  3. Every live product is guaranteed for freshness, quality, and delivery.

Steve, Annie, and Paola will be with you every step of the way if you encounter any bumps in the process.