Feeling Good about what we do


After graduating from Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC, I became a high school teacher and coach for 14 years.  My last 7 years, I  taught 5 classes, was athletics director, head football coach, girls' jv basketball coach, and girls' softball.  As my children approached college age, I wanted to do something different so for the next 23 years, I worked with schools in over 20 states raising much needed funds for everything from  buying an activity bus to helping supply paper products around school.  In June 2007, my beloved company went out of business.

"I want my flowers while I am alive!"    Chubby Checker

I decided that retirement was out of the question but I did not want to go to work for another comapny selling the same things.  My dream was to help schools in America raise money by offering live plants, bulbs, trees, and seeds.  I knew I could make more money with cookie dough, gift wrap, candy, etc.  Fortunately, at my stage in life I could afford to take a chance.  Finding companies that could deliver great live products for fundraising was not an easy task but I found Spring Garden in 2008.  They sold their fundraising operations to Flower Power Fundraising in December 2009.  I am proud to say that today, I am the number 1 distributor for Flower Power products in the United States. 

Combine America's desire to garden with the nonprofit need for money!

My belief is simple.  Fundraising for nonprofits is necessary and gardening is the number 1 hobby in America.  Why not combine the need for money and the desire to work the land. 

I will work only with growers, which offer beautiful live environmentally friendly products.

  1. All must be reasonably priced.  I will not allow companies to gouge your supporters.
  2. All must be guaranteed 100% for quality and delivery.
  3. All products must be healthy.  There are enough of the alternative out there.
  4. All must have some educational value. 
  5. All must be non-fattening, not made in China, and not overpriced.


"The best place to seek God is in a garden.  You can dig for him there." 


George Bernard Shaw